Dating girl emotional baggage

Others are of the reserved variety — reserved with their actions and their opinions, reserved as to the limits of their adventuresome spirit, and reserved with their displays of affection. These are the women we learn to be polite and courteous from. Then there's the girl next door. She's all the things we want her to be — sweet, honest, pretty, wholesome, and, hidden under a shroud of good manners, dirty and sexual. The perfect woman to settle down with.

You thought she was perfect, but why is she in the bedroom crying on the phone with her mother?

5 Signs That The Girl You Like Has Too Much Baggage

It can be hard for someone who has been hurt in any way to open up about their wounds. It can take one conversation or to finally open up, its all about trust! When you do open up try to listen with no judgment, no criticism and no comments. Wait until their story is over and comfort them as much as they need. Help ease their anxiety or hurt by acknowledging you understand. Simple words, phrases or actions can trigger some unpleasant memories for people.

If your partner or friend has told you about what triggers sadness, anger or fear it is best to try and remember.

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Even if the two of you are fighting it is never wise to do or say anything that can seriously hurt them. If they have trusted you with their fears about relationships, being alone, or even spiders, it is never wise to throw it in their face especially the spiders…never. The triggers are never your fault! They are a manifestation of an awful memory from the past.

I believe in you! You can do it! Of course someone who has been hurt from the past can experience random mood swings. Some days your partner or friend might want to be in control of everything. Other days they might have no input. This all depends on how they are feeling so the best way to do that is ask.

Read their body language. Do they look closed off? A few moments of deduction and conversation can really make the difference between a good and bad day. Sometimes after a long day or work or school it is hard to be considerate of your partner.

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  • 5 Signs That The Girl You Like Has Too Much Baggage!

This is especially true if they are not considerate of you in the moment either. She asks you why you would want to date HER of all people or what you could possibly find attractive in her. If you find that you are already trying to build up her self-esteem then this girl has got baggage galore. Avoid her and let her work through her insecurities. She doesn't have a high expectation of a partner even though she has dated losers and knows how bad the whole relationship can be.

If she is still chasing down the drug addict who steals from her then you can bet she feels that a man like that is what she deserves because that's all she has ever had. This is again low self-esteem that needs to be resolved.

If she is always in a different mood when you see her then she most likely has a lot of issues and struggles going on in her head. Maybe she seems suspicious one day and then the next day she cries over something silly that you say.

Is It Worth It to Date a Chick With a Ton of Emotional Baggage? Plus Should Bros Wear Jewelry?

This girl may be holding on to memories of what those words or actions meant in her last relationship. For instance, if her ex used to say that she looked pretty just before he hit her then your innocent comment about how she looks can be misread and reacted to inappropriately.

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So watch for a wave of emotions that seem very inappropriate and uncalled for. If she is really emotionally unbalanced then she may also be having mental issues of her own, like depression , and she needs to work though those issues in order to be happy. No one is perfect and says all the right things and does all the right things at every moment of the day.

This is a sign of trying to pretend to be something she's not so you don't reject her like other guys did for the women she really is. This can also be a sign that she doesn't want to reveal her weaknesses to your for fear of you taking advantage of her or rejecting her for who she is. Again, this will be an experience she has had in the past and not worked through.

This means that she will always be trying to please you while remaining untrue to her own self and happiness , and in many cases you will one day get the blame for this one even though it's her own issue. She tries to make everyone like her, and she does and says all the right things so that everyone is happy - even if it's at the cost of her own happiness. She doesn't want to make waves with anyone because she's afraid of being judged and ridiculed.