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In an awards season crammed with clear contenders, it is one to watch out for, and a perversely, bleakly entertaining look at an American tragedy we still live with today. Nicole Kidman shines in Destroyer, despite the distracting makeup. User-name As it displays on Flicks. OR Join with Facebook. Flicks Join with Facebook. Some voices are more dangerous than others.

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    Now Playing Coming Soon. How to Train Your Dragon: This year we bring to you 25 transporting films part of a curated program celebrating the culture, life and cinema of Spain.

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    • You can browse the digital version of the programme by downloading the pdf 1. Register for Exclusive Updates Name. It's For Your Own Good. When a man offers a smutty line, it's just a smutty line, even if uttered by a well-made young man such as Zac Efron.

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      Nor is there great novelty about men exercising sexual freedom. Movies have done that in New York settings for quite a while - On the Town was released 64 years ago. Efron plays Jason, a graphic designer who works at a funky publishing house.

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      He's smart, funny, creative - a real catch. His pal Daniel Miles Teller works beside him, the equivalent of the plain girl beside the beauty. Daniel has the snappier lines and Jason has the longer ''roster'', which is their term for the list of girls with whom they are having sex but not relationships.

      Jason's narration explains the difference: On these rocks, many of his hook-ups have foundered, as many of the young women move on to someone who does know the meaning of ''officially dating''. Jordan and Zac Efron step Credit: Their pal Mikey Michael B.

      Bohemian Rhapsody

      Jordan , a doctor, announces his marriage is over - his wife is having an affair with her lawyer. Mikey arrives at Jason's loft with ice-cream, wanting to freeze his sorrows. This is an opportunity, Daniel says.